[wingide-users] beta 2.0b3: comment and Tab interaction (indent-to-match)

Wing IDE Support support at wingide.com
Tue May 11 16:55:46 EDT 2004

Adi Sieker wrote:
> paste the following piece of code into an empty file:
> def foo(bar):
>     source = bar
> # comment sticks out to be more visible
> pasted = code_line1
> pasted = code_line2
>     new = source
> if you now select the 2 lines just after the comment and press Tab
> nothing will happen. Is this a bug or a feature?

We've actually tried it both ways and think the current behavior is a 
feature.  Much of the time when you outdent a comment intentionally, 
you're going to want to start a new block with the next line.  The 
exception that you ran into is when code is pasted into place and the 
indentation is inconsistent.  Probably the best thing to do at this 
point is to select the new block and indent it appropriately using the 
indent or outdent commands.


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