AW: [wingide-users] Beta 2.0.b3 doesn't find my license

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Tue May 11 09:17:51 EDT 2004

On Tue, 11 May 2004 Peter.Frey at wrote:
> unfortunately the section under
> gives only information on why a new licensing but not where to get the new
> trial licenses.
> Or do we have to apply for WingIDE 1.x trial licenses? 

Again, sorry for the confusion.  Just get trial licenses directly
from the dialog in Wing.  We should have had it say something useful
if presented with a 1.1. license.

> Or is this detail explained in the installation documentation that comes
> with beta3?

> Also, will for cross-plattform debugging (Zope on Linux, WingIDE on
> WindowsXP) two separate licenses
> be required with WingIDE 2.0?

No.  The licensing from a legal standpoint is unchanged so you only need
licenses for the OS(es) on which you run the IDE, not the debug process.

> As to what I understand: licensing will not only be by developer but also by
> machine,
> so when debugging on two or more machines (as in my case) we will in the
> future also have to buy two or more licenses per developer?

This is also unchanged:  It's still licensed per developer and for each OS
the developer uses.  You can still install Wing on multiple machines of 
the same OS.  

The default per license is two activations on each OS you have purchased
licenses for, although we can increase the limit on an individual basis on
request.  Most users probably will never run into this, but some may, as
we have here in our testing environment where we run stacks of virtual

We definately want to make this as simple and unobtrusive as possible The
goal is to make it easier to use than the old system, but this will take a
bit of experience to get right.

BTW, we're adding reduced cost licensing for a single developer on 2+ 
OSes.  This will be on our website as soon as we've got 2.0 license
sales/upgrades set up.


Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
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