[wingide-users] Beta 2.0.b3 doesn't find my license

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Tue May 11 06:10:07 EDT 2004

Adi Sieker wrote:
> the new Beta doesn't seem to find my new license.
> When I installed the new Beta I uninstalled the old beta but kept
> the directory c:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\etc. pp.\Wing IDE 2.
> My license.dat is in that directory.
> Also there seems tobe a Problem in the "No License Found" dialog which 
> popups when starting Wing.
> If I choose the option "Reuse a previously activated license file"
> selected my license.dat and then press Continue nothing happens.
> Please help, working 10 minutes at a time and then having to start Wing
> again is bothersome. :)

Use a trial license for now; the new license system doesn't support the 
old license file format. Wing says they'll update their website soon to 
let you upgrade your old licenses to the new format.

I had already fired off an email to support at wing before I discovered 
that this is detailed on the beta page:


(complete with 'Important' in bold at the top of the page, and I still 
missed it).

Martijn Pieters
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