[wingide-users] Nothing shows in Debug I/O window at first

support at wingide.com support at wingide.com
Sat Jul 24 18:58:35 EDT 2004

> When I first start up the IDE and do some work, none of the "print"
> statement output shows up in the Debug I/O window.
> Then after a certain number of operations (debugging, editing, switching
> windows, etc.), I am not sure what the magic sequence is that causes
> things to fix themselves, the Debug I/O window starts working again.  
> By "starts working" I mean that "print" statement output now shows up in
> the window, and all the previously invisible "print" statement output
> appears too.  It's as if the client area of the Debug I/O window isn't
> showing properly at first, and then it becomes visible.

Yes, there are known buffering problems in 2.0 betas where the debug
I/O panel isn't always up to date.  We'll try to fix this soon.  The
work-around is to use an external console instead.

- Stephan

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