[wingide-users] Zope development

Fabio Corneti ciccio at smilzo.net
Tue Jul 20 05:47:30 EDT 2004

Hi all,
I'm evaluating Wingide 2.0b4 for various scenarios; does anyone know how to
make autocompletion work for Zope additional products? In Zope, you have two 
namespaces; one is in zope-instance/lib/python/Products while the other is
in zope-instance/Products.
After setting up a project in Wingide with zope-instance/bin/python as the 
interpreter and zope-instance/lib/python in the custom library path, 
autocompletion and source assistant do not consider stuff in 

Is there any way to make source assistant and auto completion work for 
additional Zope products? I even tried to copy the stuff in 
zope-instance/Products in zope-instance/lib/python/Products, but then when I 
debug with Wingdbg the Ide seems to search the files involved in 
zope-instance/Products (which in this case should be correct)... is there any 
way to solve this?

Thank you,
Fabio Corneti

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