[wingide-users] Tab key behaviour is odd

Wing IDE Support support at wingide.com
Thu Jul 15 12:40:25 EDT 2004

Hugh Gibson wrote:

>>However, if I press ctrl+tab I 
>>get a real tab, whereas what I want is up to three spaces (my current 
>>tab setting) to bring the current column up to the next tab stop.
> This is really killing me. Are there any plans to change it?

Hmm, we could change tab to detect if the line is already indented 
properly and if the cursor is in a comment to indent the text to match 
the last line in the comment.  This would act the same way as tab in 
triple quoted, multiline string acts.

Ctrl-Tab would remain the same since there is occasionally a need to 
enter a real tab character (in makefiles, for example).


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