[wingide-users] Set up old clipboard keys

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Thu Jul 15 08:23:00 EDT 2004

> Hey - Emacs is current! 

I don't doubt it. All that time invested in learning a set of keystrokes - 
you don't want to have to learn another set. ;-)

I used to know the Wordstar key sequences 
(http://home.nycap.rr.com/wlarmon/scrounge/wordstar.htm - that's a blast 
from the past), and used them on AT keyboards with early MS products, 
achieving much better productivity than those who used mouse etc. I've 
long since got used to using arrow keys etc.

> aka zobbo at cix

Ah, hi there. I notice you're in cix:augur - it's moving on again.


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