[wingide-users] Automatically make files read/write

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Thu Jul 8 06:26:00 EDT 2004


> Not yet, but I would like to see read-only files optionally act that way
> immediately rather than when saving is attempted.

> [For CVS use, I can't resist (sorry) recommending using revision merging
> rather than file locking.  The "C" stands for "concurrent", as in 
> multiple
> programmers working on the same files at the same time.  I've been doing
> this for (could it be?) ten years, often working closely on the same 
> files
> as someone else, and have never run into serious conflicts.  And yes, 
> I know, we should all be using Subversion instead... ;-]

Yes, we use CVS as well but for safety I have files set to readonly 
normally. I generally play round with the code, being the team leader, 
rather than doing real coding. So I don't want my stuff checked in 


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