[wingide-users] Patches for 2.0b4

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Fri Jul 2 10:54:19 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2 Jul 2004, Encolpe DEGOUTE wrote:
> > > An po mode will be appreciate too ;)
> >
> > Do you mean french localization or something else by "po"?
> I didn't think of this, but I can translate them if you want.

He he... this is a major effort.  We've got many thousands of strings. The
German localization was quite an effort.  But if you want to try, I can
send you the source POs.  Best to wait post-2.0 final tho, and I have to
warn you all the past volunteers we've had to do translations have
mysteriously disappeared! ;-)

> I talk about an editor mode for modify po files.

Interesting... why not use kbabel?  It works quite well and helps manage
what strings need to be checked/retranslated over revisions of the source.  
Without that, I'd go so far as to say our translation would be

BTW, our syntax highlighting is done by Scintilla's lexers so anyone
writing a PO lexer for Scintilla would cause PO support to be included in
the hundreds (thousands?) of editors that use Scintilla.  But my guess is
that people are using kbabel and thus haven't been motivated to write a PO
lexer for Scintilla...

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
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