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[wingide-users] Search/Replace Manager

Adi Sieker ml at
Fri, 27 Feb 2004 17:29:55 +0100

Wing IDE Support wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, Adi Sieker wrote:
>>is it possible to change the behaveiour of the Search/Replace Manager
>>I find it really annoying that as soon as I press CTRL + F the 
>>SearchManager jumps to the next occurance of the last string searched 
>>for. I would prefer IMHO "Standard" behaviour. i.e CTRL + F opens the 
>>dialog or brings it in front and then pressing the ENTER key or clicking 
>>on the Find forward will start the search. Also adding CTRL + G as a 
>>short cut to repeat last search would be nice.
> I'm open to changing our defaults, although I think we've had complains
> about Ctrl-F bringing up the search manager too and we changed away from
> that as a result (of course ;-).
> You can already get most of what you want (except using the ENTER key to
> search) by altering the keymap.normal file in your installation.  Change
> the two lines that say this:
> 'Ctrl-F': 'search-forward'
> 'Ctrl-9': 'search-manager'
> So they instead say:
> 'Ctrl-G': 'search-forward'
> 'Ctrl-F': 'search-manager'
> You'll also need to remove or alter the current use of Ctrl-G for
> jumping to the definition of the symbol at the insertion location
> (or comment it out with '#'):
> 'Ctrl-G': 'goto-selected-symbol-defn'
> We've totally redesigned and expanded search capabilities in Wing IDE 2.0
> (yes, it really is coming).  Your comment is still relevant there as far
> as the default key bindings for bringing up the search tool vs. doing a
> search, and it would be a good time to make a change in our defaults.
This nearly got me there and after I found the incremental checkbox in 
the search manager I am happy. :)


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