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[wingide-users] Search/Replace Manager

Adi Sieker ml at
Fri, 27 Feb 2004 15:05:02 +0100


is it possible to change the behaveiour of the Search/Replace Manager
I find it really annoying that as soon as I press CTRL + F the 
SearchManager jumps to the next occurance of the last string searched 
for. I would prefer IMHO "Standard" behaviour. i.e CTRL + F opens the 
dialog or brings it in front and then pressing the ENTER key or clicking 
on the Find forward will start the search. Also adding CTRL + G as a 
short cut to repeat last search would be nice.

Also there is one bug in the current behaviour of the search.
If I don't press CTRL+F in the SearchManager window the value in the 
Search text control won't be remembered. i.e. if I want to search for 
TestString and type this in the search box WingIDE will start an 
incremental search as I type if I now close the SearchManager ALT+F4
because the first occourance is found the string TestString won't be 


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