[wingide-users] I/O while debugging

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Mon Dec 27 12:44:16 EST 2004

On Dec 27, 2004, at 11:34 AM, Wing IDE Support wrote:

>> Here's another item, not a bug exactly: Is there any way, under X11
>> under Mac OS X, to make a click on a button in an inactive window both
>> activate the window and press the button? This is default OS X
>> behavior, and a real help. I use a separate Wing Tool Box (on a second
>> monitor), and operations that require going back and forth between
>> editor and tool box get noticeably slowed down by the need to click
>> twice just to (for example) establish a cursor.
> This is a function of the X11 software or window manager you're 
> running.
> The only thing I could find for Apple X11 Server is the hidden option
> wm_ffm, which causes focus to follow the mouse.  To enable it type
> the following in a terminal or xterm window:
> defaults write com.apple.x11 wm_ffm true
> Then restart X11
> To turn it off again do this and restart X11:
> defaults write com.apple.x11 wm_ffm false

Hey, that is very cool. A tiny UI change, but I think it helps 
disproportionately. I would never have found it myself -- thanks very 

> If you're using Wing IDE Pro, you can double click on items in the
> Stack Data or Modules tools (or right-click for tracking options)
> to add them to the Watch tool.  That tool is omitted from Wing IDE
> Personal, however.

Yes (sigh). Must have. I'm saving my pennies. Next month.

Charles Hartman
Professor of English, Poet in Residence

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