[wingide-users] Default projects, auto-opening of windows, etc.

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Mon Dec 27 12:01:56 EST 2004

On Sun, 26 Dec 2004, Brian Almond wrote:
> The project menu doesn't have a "Make default" item, nor does the
> Project tool seem to have a similar command associated with it.  This
> would be handy.  If there already is one somewhere, I apologize - too
> much eggnog?

No, that's not there partly because the notion of a default project
is new in 2.0.1.  We should add that; thanks for the suggestion.

> Changing the "Reopen Files" configuration setting to false doesn't
> seem to have any influence over the way a project will auto-open
> associated files when it opens.  Am I missing something here?

This preference is slated for removal (the fact that it's still there is
an oversight).  Wing now always reopens projects to their state at the
time they were closed.  You can Close All from the File menu to quickly
close all open files.

> Also, I've figured out what the "Close Also Windows" option does, but
> I've got to say that the configuration item name is confusing - any
> chance this can be renamed for clarity?  (Say, "Close existing file
> windows before Project open?")

Yes, clarifying that is already on our list.  The semantics of it changed
when we made it essentially impossible to have no project open by adding
the default project in 2.0.1.

> While fooling around with the things above, I noticed that
> CTRL-SHIFT-I doesn't seem to be working.  According to the project
> menu it should add the current file to the project.  The drop-down
> menu command works fine.  (This was with the default keymap file.)  I
> tried another CTRL-SHIFT keymapping (save as) and it works.  (This is
> on Win2K)

This may be a conflict with something on win2k.  I've made a note of it.  
You can remap the command from the User Interface / Keyboard / Custom Key
Bindings preference.  Select Insert to add a binding that will override
the default.  The command name is add_current_file_to_project and you just
press the key binding you want in the entry area for "Key".

Thanks for the feedback.

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
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