[wingide-users] I/O while debugging

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at conncoll.edu
Sat Dec 25 14:51:46 EST 2004

A newbie question, or rather several:

While I'm debugging a module (using Debug Current File), I want to 
supply test inputs. I've given the module code for that (outside the 
class to which the module is mostly devoted):
	st = raw_input()
	while st != "quit":
		res = s.Syllabize(st)
		print res
		st = raw_input()
I hit Debug Current File, then type some input (a word) in the Debug 
I/O window, and see the results there. Well, once. If I then quit 
(either way) and fix something and try again, WingIDE crashes. Using 
input(prompt) doesn't seem to help; anyway it just calls raw_input. 
What basic fact(s) about I/O, and/or the IDE, am I forgetting? What's 
the right way to do this?

Also related -- maybe: As far as I can tell, using the syntax
	sre.compile(r""" . . . """)
doesn't work. It acts as though the r flag isn't there.

Another topic: I see that while using Debug Current File it's not 
possible to set breakpoints. Is that a feature, a bug, an oversight, or 
a misunderstanding on my part?

Am I right that while I can check values (in Stack Data) using 
breakpoints, in the Personal Edition there's no way to Watch a 
variable, that is, no way to set a conditional breakpoint?

Thanks for any help.

Charles Hartman
Professor of English, Poet in Residence

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