[wingide-users] A couple WingIDE newbie questions

Brian Almond almondb at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 13:50:05 EST 2004

Apologies if these have been asked before, I tried googling the
archive and didn't come up with answers.

I'm new to WingIDE, and have been walking through the tutorial and
browsing the manual.

While I was playing around in the editor, I noticed that there didn't
seem to be a shortcut to delete the current line.  I then figured I'd
look up the existing shortcuts.  This led me to the keymap files.  I
tried to make a keybinding which called multiple commands (I saw
another keybinding that had a couple commands separated by commas and
thought that was the way to go) in order to delete the current line. 
This didn't seem to work, as though it was only performing one of the

I next tried it as a macro, and it's easy to do.  However, is there a
place to save macros and recall them later?  From the looks of things,
you can only have one macro defined at a time?

Is writing some sort of external script (to create your own command)
and binding it to a key the only way to create a keybinding which
executes multiple commands?  (ie. wrap up the functionality of those
multiple commands into your external script/custom command)


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