AW: [wingide-users] [WingIDE] default encoding for Debug Probe window?

Wing IDE Support support at
Thu Dec 2 12:27:12 EST 2004

Peter.Frey at wrote:
> I do not care so much about the encoding in the console window (cmd.exe of
> WindowsXP) as I am doing remote debugging with Zope,
> i.e. the encoding must be so the Internet Explorer can display the
> characters appropriate. So which encoding do you want to pick up by default,
> the one of Zope, of the ZMI, of python on the target system, ...?

I think the correct behavior should be to default to 
sys.stdout.encoding, although this currently isn't being set correctly 
when debugging.  sys.stdout.encoding is used when unicode instances are 
printed to encode the unicode data in a format that the terminal will 

There should also be a preference in Wing to override this for cases 
such as yours where the encoding that the web client expects may not 
match sys.stdout.encoding.


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