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Wed Dec 1 17:49:30 EST 2004

Hi John

I do not care so much about the encoding in the console window (cmd.exe of
WindowsXP) as I am doing remote debugging with Zope,
i.e. the encoding must be so the Internet Explorer can display the
characters appropriate. So which encoding do you want to pick up by default,
the one of Zope, of the ZMI, of python on the target system, ...?

I assume it would be better to allow to specify it, and there is also a
configuration option but it looks like it is ignored for the Debug Probe.

Printing outside wing works but also with wrong encoding. Here the test

	# -*- coding: iso-8859-15 -*-
	import sys
	print "default encoding:", sys.getdefaultencoding()

	url =
	info = "Checkin nicht möglich für Komponente %s" % url

	print info

and the result:

	default encoding: ascii
	Checkin nicht m÷glich f³r Komponente

	Aktive Codepage: 850.

what is mainly because the Console (cmd.exe on Windows XP) does not use the
same character set as Windows Applications and the Internet Explorer do.
If it would use the Windows Code page then probably I would see all
characters as they should. And it is not using utf8. 


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> Peter.Frey at wrote:
> > It looks like everything is output in utf-8 encoding.
> The problem is that Wing is not picking up the default 
> encoding of stdout and instead assuming utf-8.  Does printing 
> the string in a python interpreter outside of Wing work?  I 
> ask because I want to determine if the system default can be 
> used or if Wing needs to provide a mechanism to override this default.
> Thanks,
> John
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