[wingide-users] Debugging source generated by calling "python myfile.py"

Diener, Edward Edward.Diener at loyaltyworks.com
Tue Aug 17 17:02:35 EDT 2004

In my Python code in myfile.py I need to start Python again by calling
"python myfile.py" in another process. I need to debug myfile.py a
second time once this happens. Furthermore I need to call python in this
way from another command processor, via "system("python somefile.py |
python myfile.py otherparms")", and be able to debug myfile.py as it
runs again under the new command processor. I have read the topic of
6.14.0 on importing the debugger and have tried this out adding "import
wingdbstub" to myfile.py. When I originally start myfile.py from a
command prompt, the debugger does stop the first time in myfile.py and I
can debug the file up until I call "system("python somefile.py | python
myfile.py otherparms")" from within myfile.py. But even though myfile.py
is being re-executed again from the new command processor, the debugger
does not re-enter it at the point where my "import wingdbstub" exists.
Is there any way to have the debugger re-enter my code a second time ?
Barring that is there any way of having the debugger enter the second
time even if it means that I it does not enter the code the first time,
since the code up until the "system("python somefile.py | python
myfile.py otherparms")" works fine ?
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