[wingide-users] 2.0b5 issues

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Wed Aug 11 14:55:36 EDT 2004

On Wed, 11 Aug 2004, Adi Sieker wrote:
> Quoting Jed Burgess <jed at osafoundation.org>:
> > - If I try to set a break point while in the middle of debugging Wing 
> > usually hangs for about a second and 50% of the time the debug server 
> > stops responding.
> I found that switching to the application I am debugging will
> cause the break point to be created immediatly and the debug server
> doesn't crash/stop responding either.
> I'm debugging wxPython apps so switching to the app is no problem,
> I don't know if this helps you in your situation at all.

Now that I look, we already have an entry for wxPython debugger hook
problems on our bug list -- probably something changed in wxPython that
broke our hook.  I've just increased the priority on the bug since so many
people are noticing it now.

You may in fact be able to figure it out easily enough yourself by copying
the _wxhooks.py source from src/debug/server in the Wing IDE installation
into the appropriate bin/#.#/src/debug/server directory (where #.# is your
Python version)... then mess around with the code a bit.  My first guess
is that it's as simple as the kIndicatorModuleName being different now due
to some reorg in wx.  See also the _extensions.py source file (same
location as _wxhooks.py) which has a bit more info.

We'll fix it, of course, if nobody else beats us to it.


- Stephan

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