[wingide-users] 2.0b5 issues

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Wed Aug 11 08:45:16 EDT 2004

> These points I agree with.
> I know that one half of the first item is done, the text is 
> selected when pressing CTRL+F.
> Pressing ENTER should not only find but also jump to the 
> first occurance of the find string.
> Also it should be possible to switch to the editor window via 
> the keyboard when I "cancel" the search or better yet switch 
> the focus to the editor when the first occurance of the find 
> string is found.


And after the focus goes the editor, pressing F3 will jump to the next
occurence. That would completely satisfy me (as a windows user :-p )


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