[wingide-users] 2.0b5 issues

Adi Sieker ml at sieker.info
Wed Aug 11 08:19:55 EDT 2004

Quoting Chuck Esterbrook <ChuckEsterbrook at yahoo.com>:

> On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 10:27:59 -0400 (EDT), Wing IDE Support wrote:
> >
> > Are there others that feel this way?  We know that there are still
> > some focus issues and rough spots, but have we totally failed on
> > this?
> I think your find panel in 2.0b4 has several problems that really cripple it
> and probably make people feel it needs to be trashed. However, if these were
> fixed, I think you would get a different reaction. (Sorry if these are fixed
> in b5--I haven't checked it out yet. Also, this repeats what others have
> said, but I'm "casting my vote" by doing so.)
> - Hitting Ctrl-F should copy the selection of the edit window *and* highlight
> all the text in the Find text box so I can immediately type over it if I
> want.
> - Pressing ENTER should find.
> - Pressing TAB should go to the next control, such as the Replace field.
> - F3 should work for next find.
> Just those four fixes would be a HUGE relief.

These points I agree with.
I know that one half of the first item is done, the text is selected when 
pressing CTRL+F.
Pressing ENTER should not only find but also jump to the first occurance
of the find string.

Also it should be possible to switch to the editor window via the keyboard
when I "cancel" the search or better yet switch the focus to the editor when 
the first occurance of the find string is found.

What I mean is that normally when the search is done via a dialog and I found 
the place I'm looking for, I press ESC to dismiss the dialog and I can 
immediatly start typing away. In editors that only use the dialog for the user 
to enter the find string the dialog dissappears starting the search and I can 
start typing away without dismissing the dialog.

Also that the ENTER key adds a CR LR to the edit box is counter intuitive.
If you want to offer the functionality to search for line endings I would 
suggest escape a char like \n where \\n would really search for a \n in the 
source or the user can do a regex search for $.

I really enjoy using WinG and think you guys did a great job, which is why
I and I think others give feedback.


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