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Tue Aug 10 22:11:28 EDT 2004

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Jed Burgess wrote:
> I grew up with emacs and so I've rebinded my keys to use 
> isearch-forward.  Using isearch-forward for quick finds and using the 
> search panel for multi-file or batch search jobs works perfectly for me. 

This is what I do also, and we've exposed the emacs search as 
"Mini-search" in the Edit menu so non-emacs users can use it also
(the menu items are really just to illustrate the key bindings).
Details on that here:


>     In general I've found that the Wing interface requires some 
> customizing to feel just right, but with that effort it can provide most 
> things I need/like.  I don't feel you've failed at all on search and it 
> works for my needs.

You're aware of the User Interface / Keyboard / Personality preference,
right?  Set that to "Emacs" if you're used to emacs! (Just want to
make sure people know about this)

Well, glad to hear search isn't a bust! ;-)

> - The dual-monitor menus problem.

Yes, we'll try to fix this.  It's been harder to fix than we thought
so has dragged on a bit despite various attempts.

> - If I try to set a break point while in the middle of debugging Wing 
> usually hangs for about a second and 50% of the time the debug server 
> stops responding.

If this is happening while the debug process is paused, please submit a
bug report from the Help menu and check "Include error log".  May contain
useful info.

In general, however, this problem happens when the debug process is
running and not paused or stopped at exception or breakpoint.  The 
debugger will be unresponsive to Pause or setting breakpoints if it
cannot get any time, which it won't if no Python code is executed in your
application.  In the current design, it times out as a result of
setting a breakpoint (and just ignores Pause).

One way to fix this is to create an idle call something like that
described here in the example for PyQt:


You can conditionalize that w/ "if os.environ.has_key('WINGDB_ACTIVE')"
to only do it when debugging.

Not sure what you're doing for a mainloop in Chandler, but it's also
possible to register our debug socket in your mainloop as described in the
document above (and see examples in src/debug/server in the Wing IDE
installation).  If you write support like that for Chandler let us know
and we can include it in Wing if you want.

I should note that Wing 2.0b5 seems to drop the debug connection
all on its own sometimes too, but if you're seeing timeouts after
setting breakpoints while the debug process is running, then
it's very likely the "non-Python mainloop" issue.


Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Advancing Software Development


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