[wingide-users] 2.0b5 issues

Jed Burgess jed at osafoundation.org
Tue Aug 10 21:32:01 EDT 2004

>>Are there others that feel this way?  We know that there are still
>>some focus issues and rough spots, but have we totally failed on
> Although I favor traditional Windows interfaces, one thing I *don't* like about them is how they pop up a Find dialog that obscures what I'm reading. I'm soooo tired of moving those freakin' find panels; I've done it thousands of times now.

I grew up with emacs and so I've rebinded my keys to use 
isearch-forward.  Using isearch-forward for quick finds and using the 
search panel for multi-file or batch search jobs works perfectly for me. 
    In general I've found that the Wing interface requires some 
customizing to feel just right, but with that effort it can provide most 
things I need/like.  I don't feel you've failed at all on search and it 
works for my needs.

I've been on Wing 2.0 for awhile now and could not migrate back to 1.0. 
  There are just too many improvements in the new version to ever go 
back.  My only 2 complaints (and they are very annoying) are:

- The dual-monitor menus problem.
- If I try to set a break point while in the middle of debugging Wing 
usually hangs for about a second and 50% of the time the debug server 
stops responding.

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