[wingide-users] 2.0b5 issues

Chuck Esterbrook ChuckEsterbrook at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 20:07:31 EDT 2004

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 10:27:59 -0400 (EDT), Wing IDE Support wrote:
>> And then there is the searching...
>> It must be because I am from a windows platform but I'm am
>> completely  amazed how difficult you have made the searching. It
>> is so counter  intuitive that I am seriously considering not to
>> use 2.0.
> Are there others that feel this way?  We know that there are still
> some focus issues and rough spots, but have we totally failed on
> this?

Although I favor traditional Windows interfaces, one thing I *don't* like about them is how they pop up a Find dialog that obscures what I'm reading. I'm soooo tired of moving those freakin' find panels; I've done it thousands of times now.

I think your find panel in 2.0b4 has several problems that really cripple it and probably make people feel it needs to be trashed. However, if these were fixed, I think you would get a different reaction. (Sorry if these are fixed in b5--I haven't checked it out yet. Also, this repeats what others have said, but I'm "casting my vote" by doing so.)

- Hitting Ctrl-F should copy the selection of the edit window *and* highlight all the text in the Find text box so I can immediately type over it if I want.
- Pressing ENTER should find.
- Pressing TAB should go to the next control, such as the Replace field.
- F3 should work for next find.

Just those four fixes would be a HUGE relief.

Btw other Windows tools I use reserve Ctrl-G for "go to line". I naturally tried this in Wing on my first day. And a nice bonus would be:
- Give a popup menu for search target: current file, all open files, all project files.

Try that and I think people could be pretty productive even if Find still wasn't 100% Windoze-compliant.


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