[wingide-users] macos x issues 2.0b5

Rick Kier rick at TeamSTARS.net
Tue Aug 10 17:03:20 EDT 2004


> Hi,
> (A) when starting Wing, I get the following warning in a independent 
> window:
> No X Windows Server
> Wing could not connect to any X Windows server.
> Please start your X Windows server before launching Wing.
> However Wing eventually starts and then runs fine!!

Same for me.

> (B) Wing 2 looses the connection with the debugger much more often 
> than Wing 1

Wing 2 won't connect at all to the debugger.  Assumed it was me.

Also, can't get an interpreter to run in the Python Shell window.

MacOS 10.3.5 with Apple X11 1.0 (XFree86 4.3.0) and Python 2.3

C)  Wing Tips dialog comes up and then goes behind the main window.  
Shouldn't this stay in front?

D) Wing Tips dialog 'Show at startup' checkbox remains checked when I 
click on it.  The color changes instead of the check mark.

> Thanks for your great work, and I mean it considering that I spend 2/3 
> of my time interacting with Wing,




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