[wingide-users] Wing and Zope/Plone

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Tue Aug 10 08:18:15 EDT 2004

Funny is that it does work for modules in D:\Zope\lib\python. Only
modules in D:\ZopeData\Products are not recognised.


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	I saw this message in the archives
<http://wingide.com/pipermail/wingide-users/2004-July/001727.html> ): 

	Put a blank __init__.py in the Zope Products directory. Then set
	project details as (following are my settings):
	        Python Executable: Default (my zope links to my normal
	        Python Path: /usr/local/zope/lib/python
	        Initial Directory: /usr/local/zope/sites/plone
	Obviously your install will be different. So to clarify.
	        Python Executable: Where your python executable is :)
	        Python Path: the lib/python folder of your zope install
	        Inital Direcory: The *parent* folder of yours products
	And don't forget the __init__.py :). 

	So I tried to do the same in my windows setup. 
	Python is installed in d:\python23 
	Zope is installed in d:\Zope 
	Zope instance in: d:\ZopeData 
	Products (like Plone) in: d:\ZopeData\Products 

	So I went to my project preferences and entered this: 
	Python path: custom: 

	Initial Directory: 

	There was already an __init__.py in d:\Zope\lib\python so I left
it as it was. 

	However, when I open a file under d:\ZopeData\Products\SomeDir
that does this: 
	"from Products.Archetypes.public import BaseContent,
	and I right click on BaseContent and choose Goto definition, it
says could not find definition of BaseContent. 

	What am I doing wrong here? 

	Danny Bloemendaal. 

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