[wingide-users] 2.0b5 issues

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Tue Aug 10 07:27:49 EDT 2004

Minimizing WinG:
A long time ago I reported a request to support better minimizing of the
Wing IDE (at least on Win32). I always run Wing in the multi-window mode
which sometimes results in 20 or 30 open windows (sorry, but I like that
;-)). But this is a real PITA when I want to move WinG out of the way
because I have to individually minimize each window. My suggestions is
(and was) that when you minimize the Wing IDE window (the one that only
holds the toolbars) that it automatically minimizes ALL WinG windows. At
that point, all the task-buttons in the Windows taskbar should be hidden
except for one since there is no use to show 30 task-buttons when the
whole app is minimized. After that, clicking on the one remaining
task-button will restore WinG and all its windows. 

Feature request: taskbar setting
I'd like to be able to set whether or not I want the editor windows to
be visible in the windows taskbar. Especially when I have about 30
editors open, I don't want my taskbar cluttered with it since I use the
project browser to select on of the editor windows. In that case I just
want one WinG button in the taskbar. (Make it a set of settings:
Show editors in taskbar (yes/no), Show toolboxes in taskbar (yes/no))

Class dropdown in editor windows:
I noticed a nasty bug in the class drop-downlist in the editor windows.
When I am somewhere in my code and I open this list without selecting
anything, and I close the list again by either clicking on it's open
button or anywhere in that window, it jumps the cursor to the selected
item in the list eventhough I didn't select anything. So, if I just want
to have a look at what's in the list, I get jumped away from my position
in the code. Annoying.

Scroll wheel in help window:
The scroll wheel in the online help window does a page-up and page-down
instead of a scroll up/down.

Search in help:
I want to search the help either using a keyword search or an index
search. Where is this?

Window titles:
The titles or captions for the editor windows are very inconvenient.
Right now it shows "Wing IDE: <module name>" but when you have many
windows open, Windows abreviates them to "Wing IDE: ..." which makes all
taskbar buttons equal and completely useless. A guideline in Windows for
window titles is to first display the name of the file and the name of
the application. Please stick to this guideline.

And then there is the searching...
It must be because I am from a windows platform but I'm am completely
amazed how difficult you have made the searching. It is so counter
intuitive that I am seriously considering not to use 2.0. 
First of all, some things simply do not work. When I select some text
and open the Edit window, the Search for selection items are grayed out.
No matter what I do, they remain like this.
I see the benefit for the search toolbox but only for when I want
overviews for my searches. The only simple thing that I want is a just
plain and simple search dialog. Not too fancy but simple. The dialog
should popup when I press Ctrl-F like in almost any windows application
and it should show either the previous search text or the selection of
the editor window if there's a selection active. And please please use a
default button in the dialog that is triggered when I press Enter.
Default to inserting <CR> etc in the search field is evil because this
is a rare case search option. (This also implies for the search-toolbox,
please make it an option to insert tabs, crlfs etc in the search
string-field or get rid of it completely and perhaps user \t or \n or
whatever to indicate these special characters). There is a thing called
expected user-interface behaviour and in dialogs, tabs and enters are
not for inserting text but for navigating and selecting. Do not misuse
that paradigm please. 
But again, a simple Ctrl-F+type your string+hit enter would be really
useful. Oh, and make sure that you show a message when you reached the
end of the document so that you don't run in circles (like in IDE 1.0).
Going in circles like this is also usability-wise a bad thing. No, a
simple message saying: no more occurences found. Do you want to search
again from the top? is a normal thing to ask. 
Also, it is (almost) standard in windows to use F3 to continue the
search, not ctrl-whatever. I know you want to be platform independant
but it is a real pita when all these applications have their own
'standards'. It makes it really hard to learn Wing (and it is already
hard because all the keyboard mappings from 1.0 are altered in 2.0.
And now we are at the subject, this ctrl-f search dialog must have an
option to either search in the current editor window only or in all
project files. 
Please please, bring back an (easy to use) search dialog!!

Ok, enough for now. Other than these few issues, it looks great and it's
a real improvement over 1.0. Oh, one more thing. It would be nice if
there are more docs about working with zope/plone. E.g. I want a good
'how-to' to set WinG up with zope/plone especially how I can use the
Goto definition feature and jump to other modules etc. 

Danny Bloemendaal
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