[wingide-users] encoding 2

Axel Müller axel.mueller at am-kreativ.de
Sun Aug 8 14:20:32 EDT 2004

I've done some testing:

opening an iso-8859 encoded html file works fine. When I open an iso-8859 *.py 
I get:
Could not convert all characters 
in /data5/work/staatsbad/arbeit/web_staatsbad/IntramtArtikel.py when reading 
it as a UTF-8 encoded file.  Replacing unmappable characters with ?'s so 
saving the file may result in a corrupted file.  You may want to re-open file 
using another encoding.
I don't want to open an iso-8859 file as utf-8!

prompt>file IntramtArtikel.py
IntramtArtikel.py: ISO-8859 

The same file opened with eclipse works fine.


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