[wingide-users] Python consumes 100% CPU (Linux) problem

onedsc at sonic.net onedsc at sonic.net
Fri Aug 6 12:49:41 EDT 2004

I am using the latest beta with all the patches on a Redhat 7.3 distro
with Python 2.3.4 installed.  I am using the "--private-gtk" flag when
starting WingIDE.  But lately I have been doing normal editing functions
(typing, arrowing down, etc) and the CPU jumps to 100%.  When executing
top I see that "python" is consuming the CPU.  The IDE is essentially
locked at this point and my only recourse is to kill the python process
and loose all my recent changes. :(

Is this "project file" related as it seems to happen more frequently lately?
The files in question are about 2000 lines or so.

Does anybody else see this?
This is getting kind of annoying...

- Dan

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