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[wingide-users] Wing 2.0 crashes

Wing IDE Support support at
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:03:23 -0400

Wing IDE Support wrote:
> wrote:
>> The Help crashes whenever trying to access any of  "Tutorial", "Quick 
>> Start Guide", or "How-Tos".
> We've fixed a few bugs that could be the cause of this and plan to 
> release a new beta soon.  Could you send your error-log (found in 
> c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Wing IDE 2) to 
>  Unfortunately, I can't seem to reproduce the crash 
> on my XP machine.

I've put together a patch that seems to solve the problem of crashing 
when accessing help documents and also potentially in a number of other 
cases.  It's available from the support page for 2.0b2 or from

To install the patch, unpack it in your Wing install directory.  If you 
use Winzip, make sure the "Use folder names" option is checked.

Let us know of any problems,


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