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[wingide-users] Wing 2.0 features

Wing IDE Support support at
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 12:55:42 -0400

Thanks for your detailed feedback (and your purchase of additional 
licenses). wrote:
> First, when running the program under the debugger I don't see any 
> obvious indicator that anything is happening until everything is loaded 
> and the program actually begins to run or a breakpoint is hit.

The toolbar should change to include the stepping and stop buttons; if 
you're not seeing this happen almost immediately, there's something 
wrong.  The status messages have been moved to the standard status area 
at the bottom of the window.

> I think the idea of  a generic message pane needs revisiting.  It's just 
> a poor interface component

Yes, we do need to clean this up and only display messages that a user 
would understand (not internal debug messages).  It also shouldn't be in 
the default tool set; the idea is to make verbose information 
accessible, but messages that users need to see should be shown in the 
standard status area or in message dialogs.

> The vertical tabs on the notebook pages are *awful*.  I can see why 
> you've done that from the point of view of layout and screen real 
> estate, but from the user's perspective (mine at least) they are 
> virtually impossible to read. 

What do you think of an option to always display the tabs on the top or 
bottom?  The problem is screen real estate and the other options aren't 
much better: displaying text one character per line looks worse IMO and 
icons without text for non-standard features such as Source Assistant 
tend to be unintelligible the first time you see them.  Note that there 
are already tool tips for the tabs.

> When you click a source file and are in "one window per editor" mode, 
> the new window comes up *precisely* over the old one.  It would be 
> better if it didn't completely and exactly hide the old one, but his is 
> a minor nit.

This is a bug and I'll add it to our list.

Thanks again,


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