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[wingide-users] wingide 2.0.0b2 feedback

Wing IDE Support support at
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 13:56:52 -0400 (EDT)


Thanks for the bug reports.  These have all been fixed already in our
source base except for the save as / confirm problem.  Is this
reproducible?  What window manager are you using?

Actually, a block cursor would also be nice but unfortunately scintilla
(the editor widget we're using) doesn't seem to support it right now.
We could add that, of course, or another idea is to use its existing
ability to increase the width of the caret to up to 3 pixels.  I think
it defaults to just one, so this may help w/ visibility on black
background (although the bug you're seeing was that the cursor was
still black; this has been fixed in our sources).

Thanks again for the reports.

Stephan Deibel

Wingware Python IDE
Advancing Software Development

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, David Bahi wrote:
> three inital bits of feedback (RH9 w/all updates + wingide2.0.0b2 no 
> patches applied)
> 1) after changing Preferences->UserInterface->Colors to Use Selected 
> Color (black)
>     a) i have no visible cursor ...
>     b) how about a block cursor
> 2) "save document as" (select existing file) "confirm overwrite" 
> dialogue does not pop to front
> (hidded by "Save document as dialogue") and cannot be selected to come 
> to front with title
> bar/focus.
> 3) as with wing (1.1.10) i right-click on the file i want to debug and 
> try to "Debug Selected"
> and this error dialogue pops up
> Error executing command internal.proj.debug_selected_from_project
> Runtime failure details:
> Exception: exceptions.TypeError
> Value = Run() got an unexpected keyword argument 'firststop'
> Traceback:
>   File "2.3/src/command/commandmgr.pyo", line 651, in Execute
>   File "2.3/src/proj/commands.pyo", line 242, in debug_selected_from_project
>   File "2.3/src/proj/panel.pyo", line 413, in _DebugSelection

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