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[wingide-users] debug through com

Raul Cota Raul Cota" <raul at
Sat, 10 Apr 2004 20:36:36 -0600


I have python code which runs as a COM object through vb. I have been trying
to debug it with no success. Any hints on how to make it happen??

This is what I have tried:
1) added import wingdbstub at the top of my python module.
This loads the project and if I add a break point after this line, I can
step through the code but once I get out of the call the debug process ends.

2) added import wingdbstub inside one of the python methods of the COM
This loads the project and if I add a break pont after this line I can step
through the code and if I keep on doing a Step Over until the very end (very
annoying), the debug process remains alive even after leaving the method
call allowing me to make another COM call from within the vb application and
still be able to debug.  The debugging process ends as soon as I click once
on the "Continue" button.

3) I tried to make up my own _XXXhook (I was just guessing and was not
convinced that I actually needed it) but then after several tries I found
out that things were running from C:\Program Files\Wing
IDE\bin\2.2.0\src\debug\server instead of C:\Program Files\Wing
IDE\src\debug\server wich made me give up as I realized that I have no clue
on what is going on.

Any hints here? I searched through the mailing list archives and did not
find anything related.
Help would be truly appreciated.


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