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[wingide-users] Is there a easy way to fix errors using C code extensions/DLLs

root root at
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 22:51:27 -0700

its a Pyrex generated extension module. basically pyrex makes C API calls to 
the python library and has some custom code in C to do some things that
python can not do. pyrex just writes glue between c and python, keeping
track of all the nasty reference counting details.

if you donwload pyrex and build a sample dll (they have some examples)
you will probably see what I mean.  i tried it on the Windows platform.
to build python you need VisualC++ ver 6 -- ver 7 may also work but
if you download a installable distribution it was built w/ ver 6 so
you need to compile pyrex stuff w/ that.  

let me know I can probably built a small dll.  the one I was playing w/
is huge  like 2meg in size.

it may be pyrex specific.  however since pyrex is only translating,
i suspect that any c extension module might show this problem  and there
are lots of extension modules on the net for python  that we could try.

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