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[wingide-users] Error 'Printing failed because py2pdf could not be found for Python version 2.2.3'

Wing IDE Support support at
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 16:06:01 -0400 (EDT)


I managed to replicate this and will look into making a patch.  It may be
a build problem in Wing IDE 1.1.10 for Linux.

You can work around this for now by adding this to your preferences

edit.print-python-as-text= { 'posix': 1, 'win32': 'unused' }

However, it won't syntax highlight the Python source on printing
in this case.

BTW, the version 2.2.3 Python it's talking about is the one Wing itself
runs on.  Wing includes its own private subset of Python to prevent
configuration nightmares, but this is only used for Wing and not your
debug process.  The error message is a bit confusing.

Sorry about that... and thanks for reporting it.

- Stephan

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003, Philippe Vico wrote:

> When printing a file, a message box appears with the following message:
> "Printing failed because py2pdf could not be found for Python version
> 2.2.3"
> I'm running WingIDE Standard on Linux Redhat 9 with python 2.3.2
> Python 2.2.2 is installed as well, but not python 2.2.3
> Thanks for your help
> -- 
> Philippe Vico <>

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