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[wingide-users] Is there a easy way to fix errors using C code extensions/DLLs

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at
Wed, 22 Oct 2003 10:12:50 -0400 (EDT)


I'm almost 100% sure it's Pyrex-specific, since Wing gets used with tons 
of extension modules of all types and this has never come up before.  Also
it's basically impossible for this to happen with extension module calls
unless the extension code itself is generating Python code objects.

Even so, it is odd that Pyrex would be making any Python code objects,
but perhaps it creates some for glue.

We'll check into it and will work on a patch to solve the problem.

Thanks for reporting this.  I'm glad to see Pyrex is getting used!

Stephan Deibel

Wing IDE for Python
Archaeopteryx Software, Inc
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On Tue, 21 Oct 2003, root wrote:

> its a Pyrex generated extension module. basically pyrex makes C API calls to 
> the python library and has some custom code in C to do some things that
> python can not do. pyrex just writes glue between c and python, keeping
> track of all the nasty reference counting details.
> if you donwload pyrex and build a sample dll (they have some examples)
> you will probably see what I mean.  i tried it on the Windows platform.
> to build python you need VisualC++ ver 6 -- ver 7 may also work but
> if you download a installable distribution it was built w/ ver 6 so
> you need to compile pyrex stuff w/ that.  
> let me know I can probably built a small dll.  the one I was playing w/
> is huge  like 2meg in size.
> it may be pyrex specific.  however since pyrex is only translating,
> i suspect that any c extension module might show this problem  and there
> are lots of extension modules on the net for python  that we could try.

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