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[wingide-users] Auto-completion of wxPython classes during editing?

David Bolen db3l at
Wed, 28 May 2003 15:00:55 -0400

In experimenting with WingIDE 1.1.9, I noticed that the auto-completion of
method names for wxPython classes didn't seem to incorporate those methods
inherited from parent wxPython classes, and was wondering if this is
expected behavior and/or something anyone else has seen.

For example, if I have a wxPython-based UI module of my own with a new class
inheriting from wxStaticText, working within a method of that class and
typing "self." yields a completion box of "__init__", "this", and "thisown".
Those are in fact valid completions based on wxStaticText, but neglects
those methods inherited from wxStaticTextPtr (the superclass of
wxStaticText).  This seems to happen even if all of the wxPython package is
added to my project (and thus, I believe, analyzed).  The source browser
will show all inherited methods if I'm looking at wxStaticText itself, but
not if I browse my own class - so I guess at least it's consistent.
Although interestingly enough, if I manually type "wxStaticText." during
editing my module, the only completion it shows is for "__init__" and none
of the superclass methods.

But it seems to follow the inheritance hierarchy just fine for my own
classes - would anyone have any idea how to get it to do the same for the
wxPython classes I may subclass?


-- David

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