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[wingide-users] A few MacOS X issues

Wing IDE Support support at
Thu, 1 May 2003 12:46:45 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 1 May 2003, Luc Bourhis wrote:
> On Apple X11 mailing-list  
> ( 
> windowplacementrequestsi.txt) I've found that the following rule is  
> used:
> 1. if USPosition is set, use it
> Is it what WingIDE does ?

We call set_usize/set_uposition so this should be set.  Does anyone else
using Apple's server have this problem?  Maybe something broke in beta3
(the above archived message was I think during beta2).  Or maybe there's
some obscure new option.

If you're considering switching servers, XDarwin with WindowMaker
( seems to have happy Wing users.  OroborOSX
can be much slower, according to several reports we've gotten from users.

> > Also, you should be able to configure passing through clicks after  
> > raising
> > windows, instead of requiring a second click.
> I've only found how to switch to a follow-focus behaviour but not how  
> to stick to click-to-focus with passing the clicks to the just-raised  
> window. Would you know whether XDarwin/OroborX has the latter right?

This comparison might be useful:

Towards the bottom it says "Of course, having 'first-click-only-raises' as 
the standard for *all* X11 windows can cause problems (which is why 
OroborOSX has options for 'Accept First Click'..."

I don't know off-hand if WindowMaker has this, but it probably does.  Any
lack of it in Apple's X11 / quart-vm may be due to their user interface

Stephan Deibel

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