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[wingide-users] Remote Debugging Problems

Greg Schlut admin at
Fri, 07 Mar 2003 13:04:36 -0600

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   I am having a problem remote debugging my zope applications.  The 
zope server runs redhat 7.1, and I would like to use a windows 2000 
computer to do the debugging.  Wingide works fine when I debug from the 
zope server, but when I use it on the windows 2000 machine wingide won't 
do the remote debugging.  Can I use a windows wingide client to access 
my linux zope server?  I am using samba to map my zope home directory to 
drive z on my windows 2000 wingide host.  I can also see when I start 
the wingide product, that wingide changes from Debugger: Ready and 
listening to ---> Debugger: Program running [718 modules loaded].  This 
part is good, my windows 2000 wingide is seeing the remote debugging 
zope product.  When I then open my python code in the project and run 
the url on the zope server port 50080, it doesn't stop a my breakpoints 
or even debug.  What could be the problem?  I looks like the connection 
to the zope server is fine, it just isn't debugging for some reason. 
Below is my config.

wingide preferences:
debug.passive-hosts=('', '')
debug.location-map{ '':None, 
'':[('/usr/local/zope/Zope-2.6.0', 'file:Z:/Zope-2.6.0')], }

Properties configuration in wingide:
  Python executable and path are set to my zope versions. 
"Z:/Zope-2.6.0/bin/python" and "Z:/Zope-2.6.0/lib/python" respectively. 
These are accessed through samba.


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