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[wingide-users] Some observations.

Wing IDE Support support at
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 16:46:35 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, Nils R Grotnes wrote:
> - If you try open a project file with file_type = 'shared' using Wing
> IDE Light, it quits with the message that the file is probably corrupt.
> Editing the file manually, changing file_type = 'shared' to file_type =
> 'normal', helped. Both the error message and the refusal to open could
> be improved, I think.

Since Wing Lite doesn't support shared project files, it's not going
to open them.  But it should certainly handle this case more gracefully.
Thanks for the bug report.

> - When I added PATH=<something> to the Project Properties Environment, I
> didn't use uppercase "PATH", but rather the case as it is spelled in my
> OS; "Path". This led to the value being (silently) ignored, and thus
> later some files were of course not found. Would it not be better not to
> be sensitive to case in this case (on this OS)? In any case, a warning
> would have helped.

Hmm, this is new to me... we'll have to look into this.  Our code should
be passing any env into your debug process without altering or filtering.  
Was PATH possibly defined as well, perhaps inherited from your Windows
user settings?

> - On the website somewhere , I saw it stated that the Light version does
> not support more than a 100 files. The project I used to test with, had
> many more, in fact even the .py files numbered over a hundred. It still
> seemed to work. What is the limit, if any?

It won't let you add more but if you've opened a project created by Wing 
Standard then it will let you work with it w/o complaining.  Thanks for 
noting this tho!

> I tried Wing IDE half a year ago, but found I didn't have the time right
> then. Then just recently, I downloaded it again. However, after trying
> the Light version for a while, I wanted to try the Standard version.
> When I tried to get a trial license for that, it was refused because I
> already had two. How do I get to try out the Standard version?

I'll send you a license in a minute in a seperate email.  Sorry about the 

- Stephan

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