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[wingide-users] Some observations.

Nils R Grotnes nils at
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 21:33:33 +0200

>From a fresh newbie user.

- If you try open a project file with file_type =3D 'shared' using Wing IDE=
 Light, it quits with the message that the file is probably corrupt.=
 Editing the file manually, changing file_type =3D 'shared' to file_type=
 =3D 'normal', helped. Both the error message and the refusal to open could=
 be improved, I think.

- When I added PATH=3D<something> to the Project Properties Environment, I=
 didn't use uppercase "PATH", but rather the case as it is spelled in my=
 OS; "Path". This led to the value being (silently) ignored, and thus later=
 some files were of course not found. Would it not be better not to be=
 sensitive to case in this case (on this OS)? In any case, a warning would=
 have helped.

- On the website somewhere , I saw it stated that the Light version does=
 not support more than a 100 files. The project I used to test with, had=
 many more, in fact even the .py files numbered over a hundred. It still=
 seemed to work. What is the limit, if any?


I tried Wing IDE half a year ago, but found I didn't have the time right=
 then. Then just recently, I downloaded it again. However, after trying the=
 Light version for a while, I wanted to try the Standard version. When I=
 tried to get a trial license for that, it was refused because I already=
 had two. How do I get to try out the Standard version?



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