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[wingide-users] OS X and wingide lite

Wing IDE Support support at
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 12:44:51 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 12 Jun 2003, emf wrote:
> I've finally gotten around to registering wingIDE lite, and as soon as 
> I'm not broke as a joke I'll step up to the full version.

Thanks for your purchase!

> In the intereim, I'd really like wing to either work with the gtk I 
> have installed with fink, or be able to use the aqua-ish theme I 
> downloaded with it's gtk.

Our private copy of gtk has modifications that disable themes so you can't
use a theme with it.

> When I deleted the gtk directory from the bin directory inside 
>, it just refused to start.

Do you have gtk1 or gtk2?  Any useful error messages?  Try running wing
from the command line with --verbose option.  It may be you need to mess
around with the 'wing' startup script or play with LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
something.  In any case, only gtk1 will work with the current version of
Wing.  However, we've never tried running with fink's installation. Only
tried this on a few versions of linux so far.

> Additionally, I was trying to change some preference settings and it 
> seemed like there was no preference pane ... is that something you get 
> only with the full wingide?

Right now editing preferences is just done by editing the text file (Edit
menu / Preferences item) and then restarting Wing.  This will change in
the future.

> Is there any way to change the default modifier key to be the apple 
> instead of control?

You might be able to do this in your X server / window manager config. You
can also edit the keymap.normal or keymap.emacs file in the installation
(depending on which editor mode you're using) to alter key bindings but
right now our key bindings only support combinations of Ctrl, Alt, and
or whatever the apple key is being sent as.  This may not be hard to add, 

> Finally, I know you guys already put a lot of effort into the w32 gtk 
> effort, but wing would be *much* more attractive to me if it didn't 
> have to run in X. Have you tried to compile it with the 0.3 release of 
> gtk for aqua (via carbon api)?

We haven't tried this tho it might work since they based on gtk1.  
Chances are there'd be a list of non-trivial problems to solve, tho I
haven't looked in detail at what's missing in gtk-osx.  We're actually in
the process of moving to gtk2, which means gtk-osx as it stands now won't
help unless a gtk2-osx appears also (I don't see one yet).

> Anyway, if you don't have macs in wing land, I'd be happy to try some 
> of this stuff on my mac (i'd sign NDA, &c).

The real limitation for us is time/resources.  If you want to work on some
of these things, we're always more than happy to get patches! ;-)


Stephan Deibel

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