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[wingide-users] OS X and wingide lite

emf i at
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 08:20:45 -0700


I've finally gotten around to registering wingIDE lite, and as soon as 
I'm not broke as a joke I'll step up to the full version.

In the intereim, I'd really like wing to either work with the gtk I 
have installed with fink, or be able to use the aqua-ish theme I 
downloaded with it's gtk.

When I deleted the gtk directory from the bin directory inside, it just refused to start.

Additionally, I was trying to change some preference settings and it 
seemed like there was no preference pane ... is that something you get 
only with the full wingide?

Is there any way to change the default modifier key to be the apple 
instead of control?

Finally, I know you guys already put a lot of effort into the w32 gtk 
effort, but wing would be *much* more attractive to me if it didn't 
have to run in X. Have you tried to compile it with the 0.3 release of 
gtk for aqua (via carbon api)?

Anyway, if you don't have macs in wing land, I'd be happy to try some 
of this stuff on my mac (i'd sign NDA, &c).

Thanks for writing a great IDE,


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