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[wingide-users] GTK 2 and back-indent

David Bolen db3l at
Fri, 6 Jun 2003 12:36:53 -0400

I was wondering if either of the following might already be in consideration
as future enhancement requests (they're sort of at the opposite ends of the
spectrum in terms of scope):

* Moving to GTK 2 for the graphics layer.  I'm guessing that it's currently
using GTK 1.2, although am not positive.  The look and feel is a little
"foreign" right now on the Windows platform, and GTK 2 would improve that
(and give access to the Wimp theme for more native appearance).

* In the editor, permitting a single backspace to automatically dedent if
there's nothing but whitespace on the line (e.g., the same way Python mode
in emacs works), rather than requiring the more awkward Back-Tab keystroke?


-- David

PS: Is there a pending changes or enhancement list maintained somewhere to
minimize too many tiny questions such as these?

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