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[wingide-users] Signature of functions, pydoc and explorer like interface.

Wing IDE Support support at
08 Jul 2003 08:41:26 -0400

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 16:18, Mirko Zeibig wrote:
> I really like WingIDE but what I am really missing is the comfort offered by
> other IDEs I am used to, i.e. showing the signature of functions and the
> documentation string.

We are working on this and it will be included in a future version of

> And while we are at it: maybe years of Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Visual
> Slickedit and other IDEs like KDevelop have made me ignorant to alternative
> aproaches, but I like the Explorer like interface of these, with a tree with
> files (or even class and procedure names) for navigation on the left (hey, I
> would even be happy if it showed up on the right ;-)).

The project manager and source browser provide a tree of files, but in
separate windows.  We are working on improving the interface so the
tools can be organized into a single window.


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