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[wingide-users] Debugging zope slow

Kevin Teague kevin at
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 17:37:10 -0800


I find that Zope runs significantly slower when debugging on the wing 
port. Maybe around 3 to 6 times slower (py 2.1.3, Zope 2.6.1b1, Intel 1 
Ghz, Linux). I only run on that port when I run into really tricky 
bugs, but it sure does make debugging a lot easier.

I suppose it would be quite difficult (probably really, really 
difficult?), but if Wing also debugged Python Scripts and Zope Page 
Templates (ZPT) that lived on the filesystem, that would be really 
cool. Setting a break point in ZPT would be kind of nifty :)

On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, at 04:51  PM, Peter Bengtsson wrote:

> To begin with, I have not tried version 1.18 yet. Maybe that is the 
> answer to my question.
> When I debug Zope through WingIDE Zope is very very slow. I now only 
> connect via the the "wing port" when I desperatly need to debug.
> Is there a solution to this?
> My system:
> py 2.1.3
> zope 2.6.1b1
> AMD 800, 384meg ram
> windows XP
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