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[wingide-users] Help file location

Doug Glenn dglenn at
Wed, 22 Jan 2003 18:55:43 -0500

On Wednesday 22 January 2003 18:26, Wing IDE Support wrote:
> Ah, I suspect the problem is that you also need this:
> gui.file-display-cmds=3D{ \
>   'application/pdf': [ 'acroread %s &', 'ghostview %s &' ], \
>   '*': [ "konqueror %s", ] \
> }

That did the trick!

> You may want to omit the application/pdf line if konqueror works for
> PDF files, or add others like gimp to open image/gif or whatever.=20
> The format is similar to gui.url-display-cmds pref but the dict keys
> are mime types.

Hrrrm. Ok. Thanks for the tip. I'm just beginning with Python and I'm=20
not trained so I=20

> BTW, the pref file you sent has the gui.file-display-cmds line so the
> first line isn't commented out, which will cause failure to read at
> least the next few prefs.

You might want to check your rpm distribution in that case. It is that=20
way default from either the 1.1.17 install or with 1.1.18. I've not=20
touched it before today.


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