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[wingide-users] Help file location

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Tue, 21 Jan 2003 22:33:30 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Doug Glenn wrote:
> Where should I untar the help files on a Linux system? It calls up the
> PDF help fine, but it is not as pretty as the HTML :)  I would like to
> use Konquerer, but do not have any idea how to change format the
> appropriate command line in the preferences file (I am assuming this is
> where I have to change it by uncommenting the line where Netscape
> currently is).

The HTML and PDF A4 and US Letter manuals are included in the Wing IDE
distribution, so you shouldn't have to untar the HTML manual for Wing

If you're using Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, or Solaris the Python manual is not
included in most installations, so you may also wish to download and
install local copies of that.  Place the top-level of the HTML formatted
Python manual (where index.html is found) into python-manual/#.# inside
your Wing IDE installation. Substitute for #.# the major and minor version
of the corresponding Python interpreter (for example, 1.5 or 2.0). Once
this is done, Wing will use the local disk copy rather than going to the
web when the Python Manual item is selected from the Help menu

Note that Wing always opens the version of the manual that matches the
Python interpreter you're using; if you have several, you may need to
use Project Properties to tell it which one you want to use in your

To configure Wing to use a web browser other than Netscape, go into
Edit / Preferences and add something like this:

gui.url-display-cmds={ \
  'http': [ "konqueror %s", ], \
  '*': [ "konqueror %s", ] \

This is a Python map from protocol to a list of commands to try in order
to display a given URL of that protocol.  Wing tries each command in the
matching list in order until it finds one that doesn't fail to launch.
The %s in the command is replaced with the URL that you're opening.
The '*' entry will match all protocols not specifically listed (the 'http'
entry in the above really isn't needed; it's there just to illustrate the

It looks like unlike Netscape, Konqueror doesn't have a command line
way to say "reuse existing instance" so each time you bring something
up from the Help menu you'll get a new window.  Perhaps there's a way
to solve this but I'm not seeing it in the version I'm running.

Hope that helps.

- Stephan

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