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[wingide-users] Mac OSX, Python framework, and netserver module exception

Morgen Sagen morgen at
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 13:56:23 -0800

What works:

Using the python that ships with OSX, wing can successfully debug a 
simple one-line python script (print "foo").

What doesn't:

Using a Python-2.2.2 framework that we have built ourselves, wing times 
out when trying to debug the same script (displays the "Connection 
Failed" dialog).  It also looks like the spawned wingdb is dying silently.

What I found:

I added a traceback dump to to see what was going on, and in 
CreateErrStream() the call to netserver.abstract.CErrStream() throws the 
following exception...

    'module' object has no attribute 'abstract'

Does anyone know what could be causing this problem?


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