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[wingide-users] mac os x wing issues

Richard Chamberlain richard at
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:14:04 +0000


On Monday, February 10, 2003, at 04:33  pm, Wing IDE Support wrote:

> On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Richard Chamberlain wrote:
>> Opening a debug console doesn't seem to work, for me at least. If I
>> choose to open a debug console the debugger never gets a connection.
> Does typing 'xterm' work?  We're basically executing this:
> xterm -T "window title" -e "/path/to/" -u 
> "/path/to/"
> (followed by the rest of the args sent to the debug process)
> This may be failing on your system for some reason.  One thing to 
> check is
> that DISPLAY is set right in the process that runs xterm.  You might 
> just
> be able to set that in the Project Properties environment area.  Or 
> modify
> the 'wingdb' shell script (in inside your 
> Wing
> IDE application folder) by adding a -display option to the xterm 
> command
> line towards the bottom of the file.  Look in the if block executed 
> when
> USE_XTERM is true.

Typing xterm does work, but while using Wing the error in the console 

/Applications/WingIDE- exec: 
xterm: not found

So something somewhere is failing. I'll take a read of the windb shell 
script I see if I can get it working.

>> In the editor window there is a button bottom left which is obscured 
>> by
>> the little apple window drag icon.
> Do you mean "right"?

Ah yes. I of course meant left in the loosest sense of the word :-/

>> How do I put in a #? It's alt-3 outside of X11, I obviously think this
>> is a X11 issue. I've been using the Ctrl-Slash but I'm more 
>> comfortable
>> with alt-3.
> Do you mean the character '#' or a number?  Either works just with 
> plain
> keys on a US keyboard... and I see '#' also on the German keyboard I
> have here but perhaps it's missing from yours?  If so, I think this is
> a X11 issue though if you find you can enter it in other apps but not
> Wing then of course it's a bug on our part.

Apple obviously heard of my plight and added international keyboard 
support in their beta 2 released yesterday. So it now works! This was 
on a British keyboard by the way.

>> shift-alt-w to open a new window doesn't seem to work - I guess again
>> that this may be another x11 issue.
> This isn't a Wing key binding in either Emacs or Normal editor modes.
> Our key bindings are listed in the menus, and you can also edit
> the keymap.emacs or keymap.normal files inside your Wing installation
> in order to define other bindings.  In general, the shift+alt is 
> something
> to avoid because the OS or X Server / Window Manager often override 
> those.

It's listed as a keystroke in '4.11.6 File and Window Control'.



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